Would you make a great Life Partner

Just a question to ask yourself. Would you make a good life partner.

5 things to being a good life partner.

1. You partner must want for nothing.

The idea of wanting is something Author Neale Donald Walsch talks about in is book, “Conversations with GOD.” He said that GOD doesn’t desire for you to want, rather he commands that you must HAVE. When you partner has knowledge of your true emotions for them, they will quickly realized they HAVE all that they desire.  As a life partner you are to GIVE all that you HAVE to your partner. Its that simple your love, your time and your attention.

2. Take good care of your partner.

They say food is the way to a mans heart. They were right. A great partner will have the ability to feed their partner not only food but wisdom and knowledge. You have to pick up where your partner drops off. A great partner becomes the personal assistant, they become the gatekeeper of secrets. Its bigger than having their back is about having their heart.

3. Accept your partner as they are.

Your partner comes with faults, demands and expectations. Once you become aware of them. You have to make the choice to accept than or not. By accepting your partner for who they’re, you make room for them to love you even more. The moment when someone feels cornered and forced to change they will defend themselves at all cost. A great partner is open and allowing of their partners freedom of expression. You wouldn’t want someone to judge you and your ways?

4. Know what you deserve.

A great partner has no trouble finding value in their partner. They know the greatness of the gift given. They measure the blessing of their partner. If your partner doesn’t add value you to your life and you if you can’t see, touch, taste or feel this from your partner… leave. Stop wasting your time with someone who doesn’t excite you or move you to be a better person.

5. Dream with them

Take time out daily to see the future with your partner. Take five minutes to talk about what you both see and desire for your future lives together. Whether is moving to a new city for a new job or opening a new business, holding visualizations daily will bring you closer together.


What are some other qualities that can make you a great life partner. Leave a comment below.