The Path to Love

The Path to Love Fest

Are you in search of unconditional Love?

Are you tired of giving yourself to others and getting nothing in return?

Unappreciated, undervalued, underserved?

The Path to Love is set for you to bring your broken and bruise heart, mind, and soul and set yourself free.

Are you frustrated? Overwhelmed ready to give up?

Come to fill your empty cup with Love

Author and The Love Evangelist Nikeema Lee along with other powerful speakers will guide to places in your heart that are empty and show you how to fill yourself with peace, joy, and love.

Do you want to win? Are you ready to breathe again?

You will be lead down the path to having, being and allowing love in your life.

Come to gather and finally learn to heal your broken heart and how to live a cup running over lifestyle.

What people are saying

This has to be one of the most positivity-filled, beautiful, life-changing weekends I have ever had in my life. I'm so grateful for all the love lessons, celebrations, and beautiful, beautiful new souls I met. Thank you Nikeema Lee
Takeya C.
Nikeema Lee is absolutely amazing.. today was Blessed. I met a lot of DOPE humans. Learned things about myself and GOD that I didn’t know.. words can’t even express the experience I had today.... humans I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you attend a “The path to love fest” it is life changing!!!!
Danielle F.
This teaching was POWERFUL! The Path to Love event was POWERFUL! Today was everything I needed and more...... I am so thankful to Nikeema Lee, Chelsey Leon Simms II, and all the amazing people I connected with today. We laughed, we cried, and most importantly, we LOVED. 💙💜💚💜
Gaybrielle S.