Book Cover lulu front only web30 Days to Freedom: Becoming Authentic

Guidance on how to better one’s life and relationship(s) through self-reflection, honest communication, balance and dream building, is how I would describe this book. Readers will have the tools needed to make informed choices about themselves. They can determine the best direction to proceed with their current life and relationship situations. This book is meant to be shared.




cover-2-web-300x450Dr. Lee’s Ultimate Guide to a Rockstar Sexlife

This book is for you. The one who wasn’t born a Sexual Rockstar. The failure and the losers who never found complete satisfaction. Or is it? Ask yourself, are all Rockstars winners? No! Are all of them satisfied? No! Do they never fail? No! Rockstars don’t always win, many live unfulfilled and most have failed at something. So what makes them different from you? ATTITUDE! It’s their attitude about  themselves that sets them apart from you. Although Rockstars appear to have this wonderful life, they too have gone through some hardships and heartaches. But though it all they never stop believing the fact they are Rockstars. They’ve failed. We all have been unsuccessful sexually but the sexual Rockstar never stops trying. They were disappointed and let down but yet still found fullness in their sexlife. They have lost in love perhaps more times then you reading this book yet they found their paths to life’s sexual riches. And so can you!