Shallow Breathing vs Deep Breathing During Intercourse Which do you do?

Her back began to arch. Her eyes rolled far back in her head. The moan coming from her throat sounded like it was coming from the very bottom of her stomach. And her vagina? Her vagina was Pacific Ocean wet. Not Lake Michigan wet or Mississippi or Nile River wet. I said it was PACIFIC OCEAN WET!


Conscious breathing during sexual intercourse is one of the most overlooked; least studied and under practiced aspects of Sex on planet earth today. So many people are just clueless about the natural enhancement of sexual intercourse that can be experienced by just paying more attention to the breath than the body parts during intercourse.


You see, breathing goes with everything. Everybody does it and you can’t live 6 minutes without it. In my mind, something this important should be garnering more points on people’s priority list than the next new pair of J’s or how much weight Pinky the infamous porn star is gaining.


Now since I’ve got sexual pleasure ranked high up on my priority list, I’ve discovered that studying these two pursuits AT THE SAME TIME has brought some super duper, extra juicy life experiences in and outside of the bedroom. Actually, “conscious breathing” goes better with sex and orgasms than almost everything else out here. Why? Well, it’s free, its in unlimited quantity and if it is monitored “consciously” by one or both partners during intercourse, the results will leave everybody happy and the sheets soaked.


Now let’s examine the “conscious breath” component for a second so you too can start reaching greater heights in your love making experiences. On the in thrust, I want you to inhale ONE slow breath for the duration of the “in” penetration and don’t exhale until the “back stroke” or pulling out motion and make sure it’s just as slow. The key is to match the stroke, in AND out, with the inhale and the exhale. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, Good. Now, let me see you go practice.


But while practicing I want you to keep one thing in mind please, “How slow can I inhale?”  The slower the inhale, the slower the in thrust. That is the key. I want you to do this rhythm in a pattern of 10. That means do TEN of these ‘stroke breaths’ IN A ROW. I’m not going to spoil your surprise and tell you the results, but I will say this, there will be a very noticeable difference in how women respond than men. Both are going to be great, they’re just going to be different ‘types’ of great.


If you’re in a relationship, share with your partner your ideas about implementing this into your sexual practice. If you want to just sneak it in as a surprise on your partner, which works too. Have some fun first, get the ball rolling, and then ease into it. Also, if you are a meditator and practice deep, lower abdominal breathing, you’re going to be 10 steps ahead of the game on this one and your results are going to magnified 10-fold. So, have fun, don’t hurt nobody, keep it sexy and breathe.