Sacred Sexual Healing Circle

It’s no secret

In a few moments, you are going to make a choice that will determine the course of the next chapter in your life.  You will choose to be doubtful, disconnected or a wildly desired lover with a purpose.

It’s no secret that most people desire more confidence, intimacy, and more pleasurable sexual experiences. This either drives them to try love again in the hopes to “getting it right” with their next relationship or they use the excuse that the relationship they’re in is better than nothing and they find a way to deal with the fact that they are unhappy. 

Many people are scared to death. They are confused. They are uncertain. They’ve lost their confidence and with it, many of their dreams and sexual desires. They become distrustful and detached. They don’t consider taking the TIME to Learn something new. 

Hoping, trusting and believing again is not for the faint at heart! You’ve probably heard of the broken heart horror stories. Some of you haven’t even transformed your own lives because you are afraid you will fail again and never recover.
I have been successful in rebuilding my confidence, creating intentional intimacy and transcending the physical realms of orgasm. 

My story has been told all across the country, from New York, Los Angelos, Miami, New Orleans, and Howard Theater in Washington, DC just to name a few. As well as, has been featured on, Playboy Radio, and, the top leading website on love.
I am going to pull back the veil and provide VIP access to what it takes to heal YOUR broken heart, unlock your passions, and deepen your orgasmic experience so you can help others achieve the same. With this blueprint, you will be able to wash, rinse and repeat this cycle to rebuild your communities. 

Why am I doing this?
I know what it’s like trusting in someone and it does not work out and still having to go through life broke, busted, and disgusted. Not only do I want you to be transformed and healed, but I also want you to be confident when it comes to teaching others how they can find sexual freedom and be made whole again.

What’s your next step?
Ever wish you could hit the reset button on your heart and start again? You know, to be loved and forget everything else?
Well, here’s your chance.
You Ready feel more self-assured?

Are you interested in learning how to increase closeness?

Are you interested in total sexual fulfillment? 

In the course of 12 months, I will support you in regaining confidence, improving connections, elevating your orgasms, and crafting your coaching platform…

The program is
3 months of Healing from within and Becoming Authentic.
3 months of Implementation and Formation of your Intimacy. 
3 months of Sexual INTER(Course) Retraining. (learning about sex from a Holistic perspective. Mind, Body, and Soul)
3 months of Training Course Development

The program is delivered: Webinar style
One hour each session with assignments and templates
All sessions are recorded
You will finish this program with a certification in life coaching, the ability to allow yourself to be loved, whole and free, the capability to achieve heighten orgasmic experiences, and the skills to teach the same to others. 

The program dates: 
Every 2nd Monday of the month
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