Metaphysical Orgasm


I will cut right to it. So many women are at a place in their lives where they are looking to experience more love, looking to experience more intimacy, looking to have more pleasurable sexual experiences.
The Metaphysical Orgasm Bootcamp can help women achieve:
  • Higher levels of confidence in themselves
  • Realize immense intimacy and
  • Gain greater sexual experiences

So that they can have a much happier and pleasurable rest of their lives

The Metaphysical Orgasm Bootcamp will save you time, you won’t waste it on having unsatisfying sexual experiences,
The Metaphysical Orgasm Bootcamp will save you money, you won’t waste it on a man who doesn’t deserve you,
The Metaphysical Orgasm Bootcamp will make you feel better about yourself and,
The Metaphysical Orgasm Bootcamp will leave you feeling good about who you are.

What people are saying about The Metaphysical Orgasm Boot Camp

First, let me simply say…. Thank you!!! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience your boot camp. It TOTALLY wasn’t what I expected LOL.
Your boot camp was amazing!!! 
I left there teaching myself how to love myself and learning to just breathe.
I was in a much more peaceful place within my soul at 3pm than when I came in at 9am. Again, thank you, and I can’t wait until the next boot camp! – Kathleen Ivey

Nikeema is so amazing! Her energy and guidance are awesome. The Metaphysical Orgasm Boot camp truly gave a me a new outlook on self and relationships. I was able to breathe, release negative energy, break through mental walls, and connect with a group of beautiful women. This event was life changing on so many levels. I walked out feeling empowered! I look forward to the next event. -Dara Brown

I had an amazing and awakening experience today at Nikeema’s Metaphysical Boot Camp today!! If anyone is experiencing any mental blocks to true happiness I highly suggest attending a session with Nikeema for deliverance! – Melanie Mills