Manifest Course



You’re not alone in 2019.

I’m here with you, ready to help you set the tone for how this year will operate.

Together. You and I. Will work towards MANIFESTING.

MANIFEST your vibrational energy, so that your spirit is aligned with all that we desire in 2019.

MANIFEST your desires and have a year that is truly amazing.

I need you to understand you are deserving of the PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE that is waiting for you to be manifested with it this year.

The power of collective energy creates a metaphysical shift in the atmosphere.

How long have you been working towards becoming the you that you envision yourself being?

Working on your dreams by yourself can be a long and lonely path.

When your energy is aligned with a collective of amazing people working towards the same goals a unique MANIFESTATION is created.

This collective power becomes a POWER CENTER — a movement so strong that it physically moves things in alignment with your desires.

Don’t have to wait for your manifestation to occur.


Join me, so that we can work together to manifest a BIGGER and BOLDER 2019.

Introducing Manifest: 5 Day Vibrational Positioning Course

Your spirit is calling to MANIFEST. 

The things that occur in your life don’t happen by coincidence or due to blind opportunity. Your energy is a magnet that attracts whatever your mind aligns into your life.

Your spirit led you here because it desires to manifest with the right energy in 2019. I know this for a fact because I manifested you.

My energy sought only those who are ready to work towards transformation in 2019. Your spirit and mine are aligned together because we want to manifest on a higher level.

We are ready to experience a shift in our lives that feels magical. Your life will never be the same after you MANIFEST.

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I have created Manifest: 5 Day Vibrational Positioning Course, with the sole purpose of helping you create the life you visualize living in 2019.

I refuse to let another year go by, and you’re nowhere closer to living the life you dream about. I can’t allow that to happen.

2019 can be the year where your wants and desires become your reality.

JOIN US for this LIVE and INTERACTIVE journey.

This is a LIVE course that will be held over 5 consecutive days.

PART 1: Tue @ 8:00 PM ET

PART 2: Wed @ 8:00 PM ET

PART 3: Thur @ 8:00 PM ET

PART 4: Fri @ 8:00 PM ET

PART 5: Sat @ 8:00 PM ET

If you can’t make some of the LIVE calls, don’t worry. We will send you the exclusive recordings so you don’t miss out.

Manifest: 5 Day Vibrational Positioning Course

Part 1-Tue. @ 8:00 PM ET

Identify Your Desire.  

Learn how to define what you want with sharp clarity, free yourself from self-limiting beliefs with Deliberate Action.

Part 2-Wed. @ 8:00 PM ET  

Give Your Desire Attention.  

Learn how to redirect your energy and give yourself the attention you deserve.


Part 3-Thur. @ 8:00 PM ET

Raising Your vibration through words and affirmations. 

Align all parts of your life to mirror newfound energy and harnessing the power of affirmations and dreaming.


Part 4-Fri. @ 8:00 PM ET

The Declaration of Desires  

Learn the secrets to creating a written statement claiming your desires.

Part 5-Sat. @ 8:00 PM ET

IT IS SO! – Allowing your desires to appear

Plant seeds of faith that will grow into prosperity and tap into the power of your creative spirit.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of an exclusive spiritual journey in 2019.

This is a limited time offer, so please take advantage of it while it’s available.