Being Uncomfortable with Love

The biggest reason we are uncomfortable with love is FEAR.

Stop fearing loss.

A common reason for not being able to receive love is a prior experience of losing someone you loved, whether it was from death, a break-up, or for some other reason that has scarred you. If you spend all of your life pushing aside love given to you on the off-chance that the person offering it might withdraw it, you will always feel cynical and unsure, which is not a comfortable or happy place to be. Instead, embrace the love that they are offering and go with the flow, expecting those who offer you love to stay around.

Breaking the Love block is to learn to Love you.

This might be the hardest step of all but if you don’t love yourself that much, receiving love is impossible because you don’t believe that you deserve it. If this is the case, start working on why you can’t love yourself so well, including reading 30 Days to Freedom Becoming Authentic and practicing the art of meditation to help you explore these issues. Remember that every person is special and that you are very deserving of love.