The Love Evangelist is here to make you feel Fantastically Delicious.

Nikeema is an expert for women who desire intimacy. With her life coaching skills, spiritual teachings and all-around dope personality, she’s here to guide you to your orgasmic bliss while making it feel less guilty and shameful. And when she’s not teaching on stages all across the country, you can find her divulging in adult lifestyle travel, mommy duties to 3 amazing kids and every blue moon she is popping up in a city near you.

Here’s to a whole new experience.

Author, Certified Intimate Relationship Coach, Law of Attraction Guide and National Touring Speaker, Nikeema T. Lee teaches the sexually frustrated woman and those looking to upgrade their intimate lives on how to love themselves so they can create meaningful, long-lasting, life-transforming intimate experiences. She specializes on how to achieve richer deeper sexual connections from the inside out, what she has coined “The Metaphysical Orgasm.” Be sure to experience her live at The Path to Love Fest, its a celebration of love.

Nikeema is an ordained minister under the International Metaphysical Ministries and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Holistic Counseling. She has been featured on Ebony.com, Playboy Radio as well as YourTango.com, the top leading website on love. She is a contributor to the all-natural sexual enhancement brand Pink Heffs and is a travel sex expert for adult lifestyle company’s taking her coaching to countries throughout the Caribbean.