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A History of Emotional Wounds: The Inability to Love

Not everyone is meant to follow society’s norms and live a conventional life. Not all are equipped for a happy married existence like most people. Some are just not built this way. There are individuals who fail to realize stable relationships simply because they do not completely understand what it is. And the reason for this is they did not witness it themselves in their own homes.


There are people who never learned to trust because they were not provided adequate necessities for survival. They never learned patience due to excessive and strict demands. They never learned to care because when they were in desperate need of help, there was no one there to give it.  They never learned to be faithful because the people who were meant to be their role models were themselves disloyal. And how can they understand what a healthy and stable relationship is when all they can remember are the constant and never-ending arguments at home?


It is the simple and plain truth that one cannot give what one never had. This is the sad reality of people whose lives were destroyed before they even began. It is for this reason that there are those who cannot love even if they try.


Yet many still make an effort to enter into relationships believing that they have learned from their unfortunate experiences. But as much they deny and repress the existence of these character flaws, their failings will unavoidably surface and ruin whatever they attempt to build. No amount of love they receive will suffice because the emptiness runs deep. Thus, their relationships are almost always doomed to fail.


Some however, after a number of failed attempts at building relationships are finally able to recognize their inability to love. They have come to accept it and instead withdraw and become emotionally distant. And this is one reason why there are people who choose to live alone.


Recognizing one’s emotional wounds is the first step towards rebuilding oneself. Realizing that romantic relationships cannot fill the void left by a history of neglect and mistreatment is necessary in order to begin the healing process. Once this realization is made, it therefore becomes a choice between living a life of solitude and seeking help in order to heal.


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Frederick Fabella, PhD is a graduate and undergraduate professor in the Philippines. He is an editorial board member of the IRP international research journal and a Fellow of the Royal Institution Singapore. He is also an author of various books and studies.

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Speak Money into your life

Recently I had an really bad car accident. This recent event allowed me to open up to my friends and ask for help. In doing so I was shock to learn that many of my friends were having financial hardships as well. In my response to help lift up my friends, I offer this very powerful video to aid in the wealth and money attraction process. Watch this video as many times as it takes for you to believe in the words that you are speaking. I pray all who are open receive all that you require.


Be Authentic

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Are you living your dreams?

or are you just hoping for the best.

My dream is to help others discover the power of love. If you are among my friends/ supporters/ doubters and you dream of finding love, having love, understanding love and you’re not sure if, when and or how…allow me to help you. Allow me to guide you to an unlimited source of love. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Love has never been calling you so powerfully as it is call you right now in this moment.

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Let’s get you to the path of faith, hope and love and the greatest among these is LOVE!!!

You have been guided to this place in your life. Looking for that sign, that calling, that time. The time is now. Your life will not change if you don’t make changes. You have to decide RIGHT NOW if you going to send the next half of this year having the same experiences. Know one thing for sure and that’s my dream.

I have a life whole full of love and hope. Knowing what death feels like, depression, sickness, fear, worry and doubt. With certain steps I found love and peace that passes all understanding.

Bad things happen to good people all the time. How you handle it determines how far you rise in life, take this time because there may not be another chance like this to climb out of your situation and into an unique promise.

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Love Always,

Maybe not you but someone you know is failing. they are failing at life, at love, at living their dreams. I make a compelling argument to change however lighting the path is only my purpose… walking the path is yours.