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Author, Editor, Intimate Relationship Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Guide and National Touring Speaker with Pop-Erotica variety show The Sweet Spot, Nikeema T. Lee, now teaches in 30 cities around the country, over 120 shows this year alone. A former girl for hire, Nikeema helps people to learn how to love themselves so they can love others. Once a victim of self-hatred, as coach and speaker Nikeema Lee addresses issues daily with women from across the globe.

After attempting suicide in 2009, she is an advocate for living in one’s truth, Nikeema coaches women to live as their authentic selves and takes them through several techniques to help move into a more healthy space of self-love.

She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Desires Magazine, the official Magazine of The Sweet Spot.  The magazine serves as a focal point in the discovery of the art life of Pop Erotica. Nikeema has been featured on Ebony.com, Playboy Radio as well as YourTango.com, the top leading website on love. She is a contributor to the all natural sexual enhancement brand Pink Heffs and is a travel sex expert for Grown and Sexy Crew Lifestyle Company taking her coaching to countries throughout the Caribbean.Logo-placement





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