Nikeema T. Lee, MS, wears a lot of interesting and important hats.  Author.  Intimate Relationship Coach.  Certified Law of Attraction Guide.  They’re hats she proudly wears, her profession is a labor of love that Nikeema lives daily.  Nikeema aims to become a beacon of knowledge and insight to all in the world of relationships and intimacy. As an Intimate Relationship Coach, Nikeema focuses her energy on getting people to learn how to love themselves.  She serves as a guide to helping people find the road to intimate self-discovery.

Nikeema helps you to overcome internal hurdles that prevent you from making intimate connections in relationships.  With Nikeema, it’s about you getting in touch with your true, authentic self.  “My ultimate goal is to assist people on how they can become mentally, spiritually and emotionally free so they can have a great physical relationship.”

Nikeema is the editor-in-chief of Upscale Desires, a publication she uses as a vessel to encourage
harmony and sexual balance.  The monthly magazine serves as a focal point in the rediscovering
of intimacy.  “We are going to upscale our desires, take a lesson in understanding intimacy, while we eradicate self-destructive beliefs and behaviors,” Nikeema says.  “We can create the relationships we desire by having unconditional love and knowing true healing.”  She has authored three books, Make Fetch Happen, and 7 Blocks: Real Life Hurdles Preventing You from Making a True Connection in Relationships.  Nikeema’s latest book, 30 Days to Freedom: Becoming Authentic, focuses on helping individuals and couples on how to love from a higher mental, spiritual and emotional level.  The book empowers the reader to prepare for a physical relationship by becoming an authentic individual, free of mental, emotional and spiritual blockage.  Nikeema is frequently on Blog Talk Radio, having hosted over 50 shows and 30 shows as a guest.  Her blog talk shows have garnered over 1 million listeners.  More proof of her rising popularity is her 1.3 million views on her YouTube channel, which averages out to over 40,000 views per month.

Nikeema T. Lee is a woman on the rise and on a mission.  If you’re looking to broaden your intimacy horizons, Nikeema is the person to expand your mind.Radio-logos




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