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Love of the Day Nov 30 2014

Love of the Day: Be with me now. Be with with in the rain not just the sunshine

A strong relationship is seated in the ideal that one must learn to deal with the rain if one wants the rainbows of life. Loving your partner in the bad times should be a given however many people find escape during the down slide.

Be stronger than your circumstances and face your fears. No great relationship lasted with out work.

Stand in the Rain TOGETHER


Are you a true Friend?

From the Desk of Napoleon Hill…

A friend is one who knows all about you and still respects you.

A true friend is a priceless gift. When we reveal our hopes, our dreams, and our deepest secrets to others, and they still like and respect us, such people are to be cherished. All too often, the only reason others wish to spend time with us — to be our friends — is because of what they perceive we can do for them, not the other way around. A real friendship is reciprocal, one in which each friend benefits equally. You can earn the friendship of others by being the kind of person who deserves respect from friends. When others look up to you, it should make you even more conscious of the responsibility you have to treat them with the same respect you would like them to afford you.

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